The Center for Public Leadership and Management

The lack of coordination and collaboration within the Israeli government severely limits its ability to govern. Only 30% of government decisions are actually implemented, showing a need to increase the ability of senior government officials to lead, manage and execute decisions. Many civil servants function alone, without forming partnerships and networks that are necessary for leading systemic changes.
The Center for Public Leadership and Management offers innovative learning programs for senior government officials, establishes networks among leaders from the government sector, and fosters collaborations between the government and other sectors in order to achieve high and sustainable impact. These efforts enhance the governments' capacity to meet the needs of the country's populations.
The Center is based on JDC's vast experience in training top leaders in Israel,

•    The Social Policy and Administration Training Programs for Senior Civil Servants, which trains senior leaders of the civil service to become more effective leaders of social policy. Participants include top-level civil servants, who are in key positions to make systemic changes.

•    The Program for Executives in Israel’s Ministry of Finance, who are responsible for making major allocation decisions, and often play an entrepreneurial role in leading social change through their planning and decision-making. The program seeks to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of Israel’s needs, empower them to be active agents of social change, and help them form partnerships and collaborations.

•    Forums for Regional Directors of Ministries, which facilitate cooperation on a regional level by convening key government officials who represent various Ministries in the same region, and by providing a platform for cooperation between the central government and the municipalities in order to create local impact.

New Partnership with the Israeli Government
The Center recently launched cutting-edge programs, in partnership with the Israeli Government. These include Learning Programs oriented towards practical impact for top leaders in the Civil Service; the development of Networks for Change for three important governing groups: Deputy Directors of Government Ministries, Regional Directors of Ministries, and senior officials in the Ministry of Finance; and Advanced Programs for Graduates.
Program Partners
The Center for Public Leadership and Management is part of JDC’s Instititue for Leadership and Governance. It's partners in the Israeli Government include the Civil Service Commission through the Prime Minister's office, and the Ministry of Finance. The Center is generously supported by The Wohl Legacy and additional donors, and is acompanied by an advisory committee of senior Israeli lay leaders. The Myers-Brookdale-JDC Institute accompanies the JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance, assisting in the development of its eva luation and measurement strategies.

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